EMG pneumatic press 6PHR

State New
Category Press
Brand EMG
Model 6 PHR
Serial number -
Year of manufacture -
Inventory number 100013
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Technical data

Adjustable stroke : from 0 to 50 mm
Swan-neck depth: 95 mm
Shut Height: from 20 to 250 mm
Strokes per minute : 40


Machine delivered without any equipment and any control


Bi-manual push-button safety control 
Lateral protection panels
Regulating and lubricating filter
Machine set on to its plinth, connected ready to work 

VERSION 3      Version 2 with :

Pedal control to work protected tool (no risk for the operator)
Key-control selector 
Machine fixed on to its plinth, connected ready to work  

composition and accessories

Options (non-included)

Based support 450 mm section to let legs through
Set of 2 lateral panels (only with based support)with 350× 250 mm as dimensions 
5-digit mechanical counter with reset switch 
Bottom dead centre fine adjustment
Blocking of the press at dead bottom centre (control with the bimanual to go up and down)
Excess flow valve for descent speed regulation 
Pause at dead bottom centre
Full set of filter & exhaust pipes to decrease level noise 
Additional regulator to work with pressure under 3 bar (mini 0.5 bar)
Power regulator with needle pressure gauge : cycle repetition and 3 % precision (mini 0.5 bar)
Power regulator with digital pressure gauge : cycle repetition and 1 % precision (mini 0.5 bar)
Set of 2 anvil stakes for T groove M6
Set of 4 anti-vibration supports  Ø 46 
Maintenance kit 
ER25 collet holder, with a collet chuck (2 to 16 mm Ø) and key of tightening
Parts quality system with force and displacement transducer