Universal grinder TSCHUDIN HTG 620

State Rebuilt
Category Grinding machine
Model HTG 620
Serial number 85232
Year of manufacture -
Inventory number 2250
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Machine completely revised, geometry redone


Distance between points: 680 mm
Point height: 100 mm

Spindle cone: CM4
Spindle nose: M48x3
Orientation: 360°.
Spindle speed: 50-500 rpm

Cone of the sleeve: CM3
Sleeve travel: 20 mm

Grinding wheel headstock
Wheel diameter: 350 mm
Wheel width: max 50 mm
Grinding wheel bore: 127 mm
Motor power: 3 kW

Longitudinal slide
Stroke: 620 mm
Speed: 0-5 m/min
time delay: 0-10 s
table orientation +- 8°.

Transverse slide
Stroke controlled by handwheel: 45 mm
Automatic rapid feed: 38 mm
Automatic stroke: 0-1.2 mm/t
Feed rate value: 0-3 mm/min
Spark gap time: 2-30 s

Hydraulic unit
Capacity: 55 l

Coolant unit
Capacity: 200 l

Dimensions (without coolant unit): 2890x1445x1900 mm
Weight: 2600 kg


composition and accessories

High-precision workhead headstock
Quick clamping device with lever
Complete internal grinding system
Retractable slide stop
Comparator holder with comparator
Flange with grinding wheel
Magnetic plate Ø 155 mm
Complete coolant system
Machine lamp