Press EMG 3T

State Used
Category Press
Brand EMG
Model 3T
Serial number 1027B
Year of manufacture 2012
Inventory number 3197
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- 3000 kg at 6 bars in position A and 1900 kg in position B
- 4000 kg at 8 bars in position A and 2530 kg in position B
Free height : 180 mm in position A, 195 in position B
Max. lowering speed of the ram : 48 mm/second at 6 bars in position A, 69 mm in position B
Air consumption for a complete cycle : 5.2 L
Table 305 x 190 mm
Weight : ~ 150 Kg

composition and accessories

Two-hand safety control with push buttons
Pedal control for work in covered tool
Lateral table protections
Filter regulator and lubricator