Universal grinder TSCHUDIN HTG 620

Category Cylindrical grinder 
Model HTG 620 
Serial number 85232 
Manufacturing year  
Stock number 2250 
Technical sheet
Machine completely revised, geometry redone


Technical data

Distance between points: 680 mm
Point height: 100 mm

Spindle cone: CM4
Spindle nose: M48x3
Orientation: 360°.
Spindle speed: 50-500 rpm

Cone of the sleeve: CM3
Sleeve travel: 20 mm

Grinding wheel headstock
Wheel diameter: 350 mm
Wheel width: max 50 mm
Grinding wheel bore: 127 mm
Motor power: 3 kW

Longitudinal slide
Stroke: 620 mm
Speed: 0-5 m/min
time delay: 0-10 s
table orientation +- 8°.

Transverse slide
Stroke controlled by handwheel: 45 mm
Automatic rapid feed: 38 mm
Automatic stroke: 0-1.2 mm/t
Feed rate value: 0-3 mm/min
Spark gap time: 2-30 s

Hydraulic unit
Capacity: 55 l

Coolant unit
Capacity: 200 l

Dimensions (without coolant unit): 2890x1445x1900 mm
Weight: 2600 kg


High-precision workhead headstock
Quick clamping device with lever
Complete internal grinding system
Retractable slide stop
Comparator holder with comparator
Flange with grinding wheel
Magnetic plate Ø 155 mm
Complete coolant system
Machine lamp