EMG 45 ton power press

Category Excentric press 
Brand EMG 
Serial number
Manufacturing year
Stock number 100029 
Technical sheet
With electro-pneumatic mono-disc clutch

Technical data

Adjustable stroke : from 8 to 120 mm
Swan-neck depth : 300 mm
Shut Height : 400 mm
Stroke per minute : 100
Press ram adjustment : from 0 to 100 mm

Standard equipment

Fixed frame
6-digit counter with reset switch
8-digit counter without reset switch
Automatic lubrication with level control
Bi-manual push-button safety control
Stroke-by-stroke or continuous working
Hydraulic unblocking system of the sliders
Balancing system for the sliders
Ejection bar in the press slider

Options (non-included)

Automatic vertical shield with pedal control
SICK safety opto-electronic device : simple and double one
Pedal control for machine without movable shielding  
Blower cam with magnetic sensor, solenoid valve 3/2 + tap locking valve
Tilt table frame at 15° (hydraulic jack)
Additional cam to collect information (feeder control, …)
Electronic cams Omron with 8 outlets
Special selector for outside control (cycle departure outside of the press)
6-digit counter pre-selector  
Fantini rubber cushion model PA/2ST : 80 mm stroke, 7-ton power  with table plug, 80 mm thick, adapted to Fantini cushion, with 4 obrounds & 4 ejectors of 85 mm  
Worktable halogen lighting : 24 V 50 W with 500 mm flex