Universal grinder EWAG WS11

Category Universal tool grinder 
Brand EWAG 
Model WS11 
Serial number
Manufacturing year  
Stock number 2821 
Technical sheet
Second-hand machine totally rebuilt with new painting :
upper part : white grey RAL 9003
base : grey RAL 7011

Guarantee : 12 months on parts only from date of delivery.
Will be delivered with accuracy chart.

Technical data

Grinding spindle
Speed at 50 Hz 2000 l 3500 l 4800 l 6800 rpm
Speed at 60 Hz 2400 l 4200 l 5760 l 8160 rpm
Engine power 0.3 KW
Vertical range axe Y 100 mm
Reading accuracy 0.01 mm

Workpiece holder
Continuous variable speed from 100 - 1000 t/min
Engin power 0.25 KW
Divisor 120 divisions

Spindle W20
Range axe Z 100 mm
Reading accuracy 0.001 mm
Range axe X 100 mm

Dust extractor
Turbine power 0.7 KW
Air volume 0.8 m3/min


infeed operation 4C (Z axis), ref. 111-2-15168
cross feed drive 4Q-M (X axis), ref. 111-2-29011
grinding stroke drive 3H (Y axis), ref. 111-2.15165, with NEW retrofit kit
REBUILT grinding spindle Q36-12, ref. 111-2.21901, with rebuilt holder 3KPN and rebuilt system of forced lubrication
Rebuilt maintenance free workhead spindle BP60-20, ref. 111-2.15546
NEW workhead complete
Electronic variator for workhead spindle (from 100 to 1300 RPM)
NEW foot pedal 9M (Z axis), ref. 111-2.15740
NEW halogen lamp WALDMANN
Rebuilt integrated dust extraction unit


NEW digital readout on Z axis 4DZ-MZ, ref. 111-2.31009
NEW set of 5 grinding wheel adaptors (2 x Q21-C, 1 x Q21-D, 1 x Q21-E, 1 x Q21-F)
NEW universal support
NEW set of standard accessories (servicing keys, etc.)
Instruction book

Options (to be selected by yourself with the order)

NEW set of 30 collets SCHAUBLIN type W20-UP (ultra precise) from 1 to 11 mm by 0.5 mm step and from 12 to 20 mm by 1 mm step
NEW optics / microscope from the front S40-VM
NEW optics / microscope from the top S40-OMP with mechanical micrometer
NEW optics / microscope from the top S40-OMP DIG with digital micrometer
NEW measuring table MT-MP with mechanical micrometers
NEW measuring table MT-MZ DIG with digital micrometers