Grinding machine PIZZI type 50.66.200

Category Grinding machine 
Brand PIZZI 
Model 50.66.200 
Serial number 10 
Manufacturing year 2019 
Stock number 2989 
Technical sheet
Manual machine particularly suitable for grinding the attachment points of small machined parts in the watchmaking or other sector.


Base in brushed and treated aluminium on which the various components are fixed
Wheel motor 0,75Kw, 2'800 rpm
Speed variator ATV 31C75M2ZH28 fixed on a brushed and treated aluminium plate
Borazon wheel B46 6A2 Ø 75-10-2-20 mounted on a grinding wheel holder bar
Binocular head 6.5X - 45X with head support and fluorescent neon episcopic lighting with adapter ring
Grinding table assembly with +/-3° adjustment
Dimensions :
Width: 300mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 400mm
Power supply 220V, fuses 10A
Weight approx.: 50kg
Option (not included) : diamond wheel D30 6A2 Ø 75-10-2-20 for brass machining