Centrifugal barrel ABC SWISSTECH CSAT36A

Category Deburring machine 
Model CSAT 36A 
Serial number 113 
Manufacturing year 2008 
Stock number 2865 
Technical sheet

Centrifugal barrel is a rotative machine (in opposition to vibrators).
The main advantage of this equipment is the very important energy that it transfers to the chips; in
consequence, it allows :
- a significant reduction of the deburring cycle time for hard materials components or when important
material removal is needed.
- the possibility to use very small size chips, which are very difficult to use in vibrators (the low energy of
the vibrators does not compensate the reduced inertia of the chips - due to their weight - and the chips
movement is not correct)

Technical data

Capacity : 36 l
Weight : 550 kg
Dimensions : 1200x1100x1450 mm
Power supply : 380V / 50 Hz