Founded in 1916, LUTHY MACHINES S.A. is a family business (3rd generation) with 100 years of experience in machine-tools manufacturing and trading.

The head office is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the Swiss Jura, which is the hearth of watch industry.

This is a synonymous of precision and seriousness.

Originally, LUTHY was a mechanical workshop but it soon started to develop and manufacture machine-tools for the watch makers and people in relation with this industry.

In 1971, the actual factory and showroom was built and it was the real start of its actual main activiy of import and export trading all over the world.

Nowadays, LUTHY MACHINES S.A. is known in Switzerland, Europe but also in Asia for its experience in precision Swiss machine-tools, new, second-hand and rebuilt.

The new machines are mainly Swiss made like SCHAUBLIN, EWAG, FEHLMANN, ACIERA, etc... You can buy them from stock, without delivery term !

Besides that, LUTHY is also official and exclusive sales agent for Switzerland of HUMARD hydraulic presses (Switzerland), EMG presses (France) and IECO furnaces (Italy) and, since April 1st 2000, LUTHY is also share-holder of SCHAUBLIN MACHINES S.A. the world-know manufacturer of precision lathes (for more details, please visit our page " Partners ").

In our 5000 square meter showroom in La Chaux-de-Fonds, you can find a choice of 1500 second-hand, fully rebuilt and new machine-tools.

We have our own well equipped workshops where our skilled and experienced staff is rebuilding, upgrading and modernizing used machines according to what the customer is expecting.

Offering both new and used machines, we are able to find solutions to almost any problem.

Do hot hesitate to contact us ! Our 20 employees will be happy to help you and to answer to your questions.